It is tough enough going through our daily lives and having to solve the mystery of how to lessen our discomfort. We already heard from our doctor about dropping pounds and how it is necessary to manage stress correctly, but what about that transition period that it will take you to improve the condition, and arrive at the destination of great relief? Well the truth is both ice and heat are beneficial, but cause a completely different physiological response, and this we should pay attention to.

Grandma cannot be right all the time and usually applying a hot pack to all minor aches and pains was her solution to everything, fortunately for us modern science and plenty of medical research has showed that icing for our condition is better. The reason we hurt is because the whole area is inflamed, it’s highly recommended that we first wrap a towel around the cold pack to prevent a burn on the skin and the apply for twenty minutes on and taking the next hour off. If this is done on a repetitive matter, the area itself will start to numb, which is what we want when intense pain is occurring due to a flare-up or our decision to do something we know we should have not done so. Applying cold to the region can calm down inflammation after a bump to the forehead from the car door or other traumatic injuries. On the other hand using a hot pack itself is not at all bad, but it is for a different type of issue since it gets the circulation going. It is simply wonderful for when you’ve had a tough day after climbing stairs or going for along walk, since it works to relax muscles. Treat your muscles to a bit of warmth; the thighs, hamstrings, and calves. But what about knee Arthritis? Alternating ice and heat is best, about every seven minutes with a decent break in-between. At Osteo Relief Institute all activities outside of the center will be reviewed so that maximum benefit can be achieved from the patient treatments performed within the clinic.